Melanny and Evan, van life testimonial

Evan and Melanny moved into their converted van back in 2019 and have been on the road ever since sharing their experiences living the 'Vanlife' on their Instagram @outofthisvan. As avid mountain bikers and hikers, they are often left with dirty bottles and reservoirs from their adventures and rely on Bottle Bright as their easy cleaning solution while living in their van. 

"Living in a van comes with its challenges - like a lack of space and constant awareness of limited water. With just 25 gallons of water in our van, every drop matters. Do we use our precious water for cooking that pasta we've been craving for dinner, or do we prioritize keeping our bottles and drinking containers clean? 

For us, the answer has always been pasta but with Bottle Bright we don’t have to choose between one or the other.

To clean our hydration vessels, all we have to do is open a tablet of Bottle Bright, drop it into a full bottle or bladder, and watch it fizz as it does its thing. No more stressing about needing a dishwasher or loads of water and soap that have to be rinsed again and again. As avid hikers and bikers, we use our bottles and bladders almost daily. The more we use them, the grimier they tend to get, but we have yet to encounter a day when Bottle Bright didn’t come to the rescue and revive our refreshment holders, making them look, smell, and taste brand new.

For people that camp or travel in their camper vans frequently, Bottle Bright is the ideal cleaning solution.  We especially love its biodegradability, meaning that we can clean and empty our containers outside without worrying about our impact on the environment or having to dispose of soapy water in a safe place."

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