safe for you & the environment

Believe it or not, clean isn’t synonymous with chemicals. That’s why we ditched all those harsh, unfriendly substances and replaced them with ones commonly derived from nature.

the 4-1-1 on fizz

Dirt, residue and smells. They aren’t just sneaky, they’re stubborn and set on sticking around. That’s where the bubbles come in. Effervescent bubbles that fix and foam their way right into those hardest-to-reach places, effectively attacking tough stains and smells before being rinsed away. How does it work? Each and every Bottle Bright bubble pulls dirt away from the material being cleaned, taking the place of scrubbing all together.

residue & dirt build up through normal use

bubbles lift dirt and solids from the bottom and sides of the bottle

dirt and residue stays suspended in water so it pours out clean

hard to clean? hardly

works great on: stainless steel, plastic, TPU, glass, porcelain, silicone, metal … the whole kitchen sink (literally!).

frequently asked questions

über safe, ultra fresh

Behold an after like never before! Bottle Bright tablets leave no nasty smells or residue – just a fresh, clean bottle for the freshest tasting water (or liquid!), minus all the effort.