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our inspiration

Our journey began when we became fed up. Fed up with gunk, funk and stains. Fed up with a lack of effective methods and products that were capable of cleaning said gunk. So we got to work, and set out to create that cleaner ourselves – the safest, simplest and most effective product for all those hard-to-clean containers, hydration packs and reusable bottles. And what do you know? After loads of research, testing and re-testing (and some serious stain fighting!), Bottle Bright® was born.



our mission

We’re committed to clean. We’ve made it our clean mission to help people avoid toxic chemicals by creating cleaning products that are safe for you and safe for the environment. Not to mention:

  • We reduce bottled water waste by offering a convenient & effective method for cleaning reusable drinking containers
  • We promote domestic jobs and manufacturing by producing products that are made in the USA
  • We support our local communities through volunteering, donations and sponsorships

what they’re saying
Outdoor Gear TV
Healthy Holistic Living
Utah Outside
Snowshoe Magazine
Bottle Bright is so effective and easy to use, all of my bottles sparkle.
Peloton Magazine
“Instead of hoping the dishwasher will thoroughly clean and disinfect your bottle, use Bottle Bright instead.”
She Knows
“What to do? Get yourself or your loved one some Bottle Bright.”
“After ten minutes of soaking, I was delightfully surprised that the Good Earth Tea smell was completely gone. The inside of the thermos and the plastic top were also devoid of years of tea stain.”
The Gear Caster
“I tested the Bottle Bright tablets with each of my 6 containers producing the same results each time. There were no legacy stains or smells from the heavy usage that each vessel had accumulated over the last few months.”
Trail Sherpa
“That’s where a product like Bottle Bright effervescent tablets can be a godsend. Bye-bye, soapy after taste!
Nice knowing you.”
Snowshoe Magazine
“I love when a product actually does what it says it will do!”
Active Gear Review
“the Bottle Bright product not only cleaned the bottle(s), mugs and pots, but removed stains we assumed had become immutable fixtures.”
Gumption Gear
“5 Stars. What’s not to love about this product it works great, it’s non-toxic and the product is made by a company with a heart.”
Healthy Holistic Living