what can Bottle Bright clean?

It works on hard-to-clean products and especially those that can’t go in the dishwasher: water bottles, growlers, tumblers, insulated coffee cups, coffee pots, thermoses, hydration reservoirs, sports caps, lids, straws, bite valves and whatever else you can think of. Your favorite products from Swell, Camelbak, HydroFlask, Yeti, HydraPak, Thermos, Miir, Stanley, etc. are perfect for Bottle Bright!

what materials will Bottle Bright clean?

Stainless steel, glass, silicone, Polypropylene (plastic), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), & HDPE.

how do you clean sport bottle tops, straws and reservoir drink tubes?

Fill a bowl full of water, add the item you would like to clean, disassemble it if necessary, add a Bottle Bright tablet, let it sit for 15–30 min and rinse.

will Bottle Bright affect the finish of my bottle?

It will remove stubborn coffee and tea stains & restore the original finish of your bottle. Other than that, it won’t change the finish.

is Bottle Bright safe?

Safety was our #1 concern when creating Bottle Bright. It is made from only natural & biodegradable ingredients.

does it leave any residue or a film?

It doesn’t leave any sort of film, residue or taste.

do I need a scrub brush with Bottle Bright?

Nope. Just add water and a Bottle Bright tablet and let it do it’s thing.

what do I do if I have a really tough stain?

Use hot water & let it stand overnight.

are these tablets in single-use wrapping or are all 12 tablets in one pouch?

Yes, all 12 are individually wrapped in 1 resealable package.

where is Bottle Bright made?

Ingredients are sourced from natural elements in the USA