Chelsey Magness athlete testimonial

Often called “America’s Most Adventurous Mother”, our athlete and partner Chelsey Magness is both a mother to two young children and a world-class outdoor athlete -  typically taking top prizes in Adventure Racing and Endurance Mountain Biking competitions.  We asked Chelsey to tell us about how she uses Bottle Bright to keep her gear clean and in top performing condition. 

"In my HydraPak advocate  journey I have also encountered numerous athletes who believe bladders and water bottles are only designed for a limited number of uses. Once they get the least bit “dank” tasting or smelling, they throw them away! However, after approaching many of them with a game changing product called Bottle Bright, they have started to use their bottles and bladders for so much longer.

Bottle Bright is a powerful cleaning agent specifically designed to tackle the tough stains, residue, and odors that can accumulate over time in hydration bladders and water bottles. Its effervescent formula efficiently cleans hard-to-reach corners and crevices, making these vessels look and feel as good as new.

By using Bottle Bright, athletes and regular users can extend the lifespan of their hydration systems, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and, consequently, lowering their plastic waste footprint. I have even started bringing it to my races, so that I have it ready right after I finish. Now, as I am drying out my clothes, and cleaning off my bike after a big adventure race or training mission, I am also using Bottle Bright on all my reservoirs and bottles. Making it a habit has made it much easier to remember to do! 

With the introduction of Bottle Bright, athletes can rediscover the potential of their HydraPak bladders and water bottles. Consequently, athletes can confidently continue using their HydraPak products, knowing they are not only benefiting their performance but also actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste."

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