How to Clean a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

how to clean a stainless steel water bottle

Whether you are trying to stay hydrated while traveling or caffeinated throughout the work day, a stainless steel water bottle is one of our favorite go-to vessels for its many advantages. But keeping your stainless steel vessels clean, from growlers to coffee mugs, seems to always be an afterthought. But in order to keep your bottle in good shape, they need to be cleaned frequently and most of our favorite bottles are hard to clean and are not dishwasher safe. Luckily for you, there’s a secret weapon: Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets. So how does one properly clean a stainless steel water bottle? We’re glad you asked!
  1. Empty the bottle. If you don’t have the option to clean your bottle as soon as it is emptied, do not fret, Bottle Bright fizzes into the hardest-to-reach places for a sparkling clean.
  1. Once emptied, take one Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablet, fill your bottle almost to the top with water (for tough stains, use hot water), and add a tablet. We recommend one tablet, per one liter of water.
  1. If your bottle has a lid, we recommend cleaning that as well. If you can, disassemble the lid, place in a bowl, fill with hot water, and add another Bottle Bright Cleaning tablet.
  1. You will notice the tablet start to fizz right away, this is cleanliness in action. Thanks to the power of Bottle Bright’s patented ecolift™ technology that pulls dirt and grime away from the material it’s intended to clean, the bubbles take the place of scrubbing altogether.
  1. Set your timer for 15 minutes, or if you want it extra clean, double that. Definitely opt for 30 minutes for bottles that have had liquids in them for a few days or for the toughest stains, let it sit overnight.
  1. When done, simply rinse and it is ready to use!
Bottle Bright cleaning tablets are all natural and readily biodegradable, you can use them on the go and pour out the solution into any drain or onto the ground without fear of harming the environment. It’s that simple! When you’re wondering how best to clean your stainless steel water bottle, Bottle Bright cleaning tablets are the simple answer.