cleaning a hydration bladder

how to clean hydration bladders in an easy and effective way

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you know that two of the most important things you can have are access to clean drinking water and solid equipment you can rely on, regardless of the activity. If you spend enough time being active and outside, you’ve probably graduated past the standard water bottle, and have moved on to hydration bladders commonly found in daypacks, backpacking packs, and cycling packs. These easy to use hydration systems are invaluable to any outdoor enthusiast. Holding more water, and having easy access to that water, is a huge perk for anyone taking advantage of this type of equipment.


With Reward Comes Risk, Or Vice Versa

But with these rewards comes an inherent risk, and a big one at that. If the cleanliness of your drinking water is compromised, you’ll be in a real bad spot potentially far away from help, and the quickest way to compromise your water quality is by not taking care of your hydration bladder. Cleaning a hydration bladder can be tricky, as they have multiple components and lack structure, making it hard to confidently say you’re 100% good to go. Luckily, Bottle Bright is here to remove the guessing game for you!


A Helping Hand Indeed: The Steps for Safety

Our cleaning tablets are the perfect choice for your hydration bladder cleaning kit because they are very easy to use and make your water as tasty out of your hydration bladder as it is out of a cold glass. After you’re done adventuring for the day:

  1. Clean your hydration bladder immediately, as stagnant water is a breeding ground for many things you don’t want in your system
  2. Remove the bladder from your pack, open the top and completely drain it and give it a quick rinse with warm water. Slightly unscrew the hose from the bladder so that your cleaning solution can get in those little crevices as well
  3. Fill your hydration bladder back up with warm water, add one of Bottle Bright’s cleaning tablets and let it soak for fifteen to thirty minutes with the top of the hydration bladder still slightly open (not screwed all the way down or tightly sealed up). The tablet will fizz and foam and expand, and you’ll be able to see the cleanliness reach all aspects of the hydration bladder
  4. Open the drinking end of your hose so that the solution soaks the entire tube
  5. After thirty minutes, drain some through the hose, dump the rest out, and then make sure you rinse the entire hydration bladder, hose included 6. Detach the hose completely, prop the bladder open and let air dry, then you should be good to go!

Cleaning hydration bladders should be an end-of-day priority for any and all adventurers, and these tablets from Bottle Bright have made it super easy. Stay safe, stay hydrated, stay happy and healthy!